About Us

BottleRuler started as a solution to a problem I experienced on a hike of the Art Loeb Trail in North Carolina, USA. As is the case with many backpackers trying to shed weight, I switched from my trusty Nalgene® bottles to the narrower and lighter smartwater® bottles. Besides lightening the load, smartwater® bottles fit very nicely in the side pockets of many packs. However, there was one thing I really missed about my Nalgene® bottles—the handy volume measurement scale printed on the side. I didn’t realize how much I depended on it until I had to measure out water to add to my backpacking meals! After reflecting on the trip some weeks later, I thought that perhaps a simple decal to affix to commonly available water bottles would afford me (and you, too) the best of both worlds. A lightweight and conveniently packable water bottle with the ability to monitor and ration water consumption. Thanks to the patient support and input from my hiking comrades combined with a little experimentation, BottleRuler was born.

I hope BottleRuler proves practical and useful on your next adventure, exploration or walk around the block. Thanks for visiting!